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Remember - always ask your Renal Unit if you have any queries.
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Holiday insurance - don't book your holiday until you take out holiday insurance which covers you for a pre-existing medical condition. Most standard policies do not and if your travel agent states that you will be covered under their insurance policy, ask to see a copy of their full policy. The cost of treatment for a person with kidney failure can be extremely expensive abroad, especially beyond Europe.


Rather than provide our own recommendations, we now suggest that you visit the NKF's list of recommended companies at http://www.kidney.org.uk/holidays/insure.html

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
The UK has reciprocal health service agreements with other EC member countries(as well as some countries outside the EC). You need to obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and take it with you if you are to benefit from these reciprocal health service agreements. This will entitle you to free or reduced cost emergency medical treatment in specified countries.

The EHIC can be obtained free of charge, either over the phone on 0845 606 2030 or online at http://www.ehic.org.uk
WARNING!!! Some websites with similar sounding names try to persuade you that you ned to pay for the EHIC. This is not true. To avoid rogue websites, make sure that you follow the proper link on this page to http://www.ehic.org.uk

  • The EHIC does not provide cover should you or any members of your family need to fly home urgently, nor if you need to return from holiday because a transplant kidney becomes available.
  • Keep your EHIC in a safe place, eg, with your passport.
  • See the website http://www.ehic.org.uk for full details of terms and conditions.

Please note: because the reciprocal health service agreements do not always cover the full cost of treatment, it is always advisable to have insurance even when travelling around the EC.

Information on diseases abroad can also be supplied by MASTA (Medical Advisory Service to Travellers Abroad)

For more information and details of your nearest clinic visit their website: http://www.masta.org

They provide up to date health and travel news and can supply an individual health brief according to your itinerary, including details of recommended vaccinations, up to date health news and travel advice from the Foreign Office etc.

Various other travel clinics provide similar services.

Emergencies - Make sure you and your travelling companion(s) have with you at all times emergency contact numbers. These should include your medical contact at destination (nearest unit or equivalent will be provided by your UK renal unit - make sure you know whether it is open 24 hours, and if not, what your alternative contact number is), numbers of your UK renal unit, travel agent and insurance company.

Further reading
Health Advice for Travellers, a booklet published by the Department of Health contains comprehensive information on the EHIC. It also details what is covered by reciprocal arrangements for healthcare abroad, tips on avoiding health risks and information on vaccinations required for visits to certain countries. Available, free of charge, by calling 0800 555 777, or download it from the Department of Health Website here

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