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We are gradually building up a database of useful websites for kidney patients and their families so if you find a website that you think will help, or be of interest to kidney patients, their carers and families, please let us know.

Kidney patient information


Kidney patient organisations - UK

Renal organisations

Kidney patient organisations - Int'l

Medical & other

Kidney patient information

Kidney Care Matters - monthly online magazine from the NHS, contains lots of good articles and sources of information

British Journal of Renal Medicine - excellent UK journal on renal medicine (in-depth articles)

British Kidney Patient Association
Bordon, Hampshire GU35 9JZ
Tel: 01420 472021
Fax: 01420 475831
Kidney Patient Guide - Educational and entertaining animations of dialysis, vascular access, fluid balance, and a bulletin board enliven this well-produced site.
The National Kidney Research Fund

Kidney patient organisations - UK

National Kidney Federation - Provides its members with information, advice and practical support, alongside campaigning for better facilities for people suffering from kidney disease.

Irish Kidney Association

Kidney patient organisations - International

Australian Kidney Foundation

European Kidney Patients' Federation (CEAPIR)

National Kidney Foundation (U.S.)

National Kidney Foundation, Singapore

Support for kidney patients and their families/carers

Age Concern England

Association of Disabled Professionals

Carers UK

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

Department of Health

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers

Renal organisations

British Transplantation Society

Kidney Alliance - The Kidney Alliance was formed jointly by the Renal Association and the National Kidney Federation in 1998 with the support of the British Renal Symposium. The aim was to bring together patients' voice and professionals committed to renal medicine.

The Renal Association

United Kingdom Transplant Coordinators Association

Medical & other

Dialysis Options - a valuable information source for pre-dialysis and existing kidney patients, their carers and families, patient associations and indeed anyone with an interest in dialysis. Supported by Baxter Healthcare Ltd.

Diabetes UK

EdREN - website of the Renal Unit in Edinburgh. Information on kindey disease, treatment and a facinating history of dialysis and kidney transplantation at Edinburgh

Details of renal services can be found here ...

Kidney Directions - From Baxter Healthcare but non-partisan. Amongst the best sites providing information on dialysis, with good comparisons of peritoneal versus haemo.

Nephronline - A Website for healthcare professionals involved in the management of patients with kidney disease but with good information for kidney patients as well.


RenalWEB - A portal devoted to dialysis, with an excellent collection of patients' resources, under 'Dialysis Topics'. The rest of the content is good for professionals too.

Renal Services National Service Framework

There is a vast amount of information on the Internet. However, not all the information is accurate and if you are researching medical information, please make sure that the information you find comes from a reliable source.
If in doubt, please contact the HHKPA webmaster.

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